What do animals hear when music is playing?

It may genuinely depend on what animal you are speaking about. Some creatures, like dogs or bats, can hear sounds inside a greater frequency than we’re in a position to (consider how dog whistles drive[…]

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It really is normally a bit annoying that i can talk about zoomusicology (or zoömusicology) around the computer as well as to observe that the Ms Word spellchecker underlines in red every key-word of these[…]

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Dogs Hate Human Music? Maybe, so play them this

Ever thought about why your dogs don’t share your appreciation of Johann Sebastian Bach or are not as passionate to rock to a classic Brought Zeppelin record? Functions out, it’s not their fashion. Dogs, actually,[…]

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Types of Music that Pets Enjoy

Numerous pet owners keep their house radios actively playing throughout the day for that being attentive delight with their cats and dogs. Station options fluctuate. “We have a very human tendency to project on our[…]